Are You Ready to Take Charge of Your Life, Control Your Future,
& Launch a SUCCESSFUL, PROFITABLE Virtual Assistance Business?

Eliminate the barriers keeping you from being your own boss, working from home,
creating the dream — and then living it — by enrolling in the VA Business Launch Program,
where you will jettison your business from “Launch Pad into the Stratosphere”.

10 Reasons to Enroll in VA Launch:

  • Learn how to develop a LUCRATIVE virtual assistant BUSINESS (not a HOBBY). It may not be easy, but it’s worth it to fuel your passion and step into YOUR greatness!
  • Gain FOCUS and CLARITY so you FINALLY GET THINGS DONE, instead of wasting your creative juices and business insight for companies that do not appreciate or value your contributions. Unleash your skills and know how to build YOUR OWN business. It’s time to stop planning and start doing.
  • Receive specialized training to BOOST your CONFIDENCE, explore your UNIQUE IDENTITY and create a MARKETING flight plan.
  • Become a member of the fastest growing work-from-home industry on the planet and SET YOUR FEES based on YOUR personal and business VALUES, commensurate with your knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • CHOOSE IDEAL CLIENTS – individuals who want, need, and are ready to buy your services.
  • Participate in a very carefully tailored and controlled, INDIVIDUALIZED MENTORSHIP experience
  • Be IMMERSED in SOLUTIONS and STRATEGIES to grow your virtual assisting business FAST
  • NETWORK with like-minded business owners, industry ADVOCATES and supporters to help build your bank account and sphere of influence
  • Define your NICHE and connect with your TARGET AUDIENCE
  • Participate in a unique PRACTICUM experience that prepares you for YOUR BUSINESS LAUNCH

Sound exciting but not sure how to get started?

Sharon Williams – the most prolific VA on the planet can help! She’s clocked over 175,000 hours providing virtual assistant services to businesses all over the planet. If anyone knows what it takes to help aspiring business owners just like you spring into action, it’s Sharon Williams.

This program is designed to help aspiring business owners just like you spring into action. You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started in your new business – from proper business startup to equipment you need to marketing approaches to engaging clients, and much more.

If you have great skills and expertise, KNOW you can provide exceptional service for your clients, and believe small business owners should be jumping through hoops to hire you… this program will help you release your potential and step toward your greatness. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, you’ll benefit from in-depth interaction on timely and relevant topics.

“I highly recommend Sharon Williams to anyone looking to grow their business”

“One of the best things I have ever done to jump start my business is to work with Master Virtual Assistant Coach, Sharon Williams, when starting. Sharon is very sharp and she has been where I am before and coach from experience. She has been a constant source of motivation, encouragement, inspiration and support – and tons of great humor! She has helped me navigate through tough situations and cheered me on when things were going great.”

“Sharon… your impact has been exponential. As a VA coach and friend, you have been a profound sounding board, and you’ve guided me to understand issues from several different perspectives. You have a unique gift for pulling away the layers of a problem and getting to the heart of it, where it can be successfully solved. Because of that, I sincerely thank you.”

Tiffanie Tillman
President & Founder of THE Virtual Professionals

Note: All candidates will be personally interviewed (20-30 min.) for background, experience and commitment.

Here’s what’s included in the program:

  • Ten 60-90 minute sessions, ten consecutive weeks
  • Cost: $897 per participant
  • One-on-one coaching

o Three 1-hour coaching sessions (six ½ hour)

o Coaching customized to address individual challenges

o Email access to trainer, related to individual class topics

o Unique Practicum Experience

  • Access to secure Private training site which includes:

o Calendar of classes

o Share support documents, reference materials for each class

o Message forum (unlimited access)

o Guest presenters, resource materials and links

o Recordings of each training session for future reference (in community area for 6 months)

o Certificate of AllianceOnlineTraining completion

o AllianceOnlineTraining Logo for website

Week 1: Introduction to Virtual Assistance

  • Introductions and Program Review
  • Do you have what it takes: An honest discussion about expectations
  • Who is a Virtual Assistant
  • Core Competencies
  • Overview of VA Services Offerings
  • Industries that use VA Services
  • Aptitude, Past Skills and Training Assessment
  • Accountability Assignment
  • Resources

Week 2: Office Operations and Technology

  • Business Structure
  • Types of Equipment VAs Use
  • Tools of the Trade (general and niche specific)
  • Family and Friends Boundaries
  • Filing and Organization
  • Time and Client Management
  • Resources

Week 3: Business Plan Development I

  • Important Elements
  • Vision and Mission
  • Ethics
  • SWOT
  • Mentor and Seat Buddy Relationships
  • VA Groups and Associations
  • Choosing the Right Business Model
  • Resources

Week 4: Business Plan Development II – Financial Considerations

  • Income Separation
  • Budgeting
  • Setting Rates
  • Fees and Expenses
  • Recordkeeping and Reporting
  • Resources

Week 5: Defining Your Niche

  • Identify your Current Mindset
  • Exploring Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Examining your Passion
  • Determining your Marketing Mindset
  • Identifying your Target Market and Ideal Client
  • Resources

Week 6: Basic Branding and Customer Service

  • Creating your Brand Identity
  • Clearly Communicate with Customer
  • Superior Customer Service
  • 80/20 Rule
  • Resources

Week 7: Web site Development

  • Creating an Online Identity – Trade and domain names & hosting
  • Elements of a Viable Web Site (Tips on design and content)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Copywriting
  • Social media/Network Elements
  • Resources

Week 8: Developing a Marketing Strategy

  • Definition of Marketing
  • Marketing Goals
  • Collateral Materials
  • 30 second Commercial
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Identifying the Competition
  • Making the Commitment
  • Tracking Results
  • Resources

Week 9: On and Offline Marketing Strategies

  • Understanding its Impact
  • Social Network Tools
  • Viral Marketing (Ezine, Keep Clients Programs, etc.)
  • Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
  • Resources

Week 10: Tying it All Together

We’ll spend the last week answering any questions participants have and covering any topics that require a little more depth.


“I was fortunate enough to be able to begin my coaching sessions with Sharon Williams at the most important time for my business – right at the beginning! Sharon’s no-nonsense approach and her wealth of knowledge and experience in this area were extremely apparent from the beginning of our sessions. Her valuable tips and heartfelt desire to help me led me to become one of her biggest fans. Sharon has a unique approach that couples straight-forwardness with hand-holding when necessary, an unusual combination that works wonderfully.”

Jaclyn M. Croft
Croft Virtual Solutions


Are you ready to be mentored by one of the top marketing virtual assistants in the world…and one of the most successful!… who will not only support you with your virtual assistant and online business marketing skills but help you identify and achieve lifelong goals to shoot your business to success?


  • Want to identify and/or clarify long range goals and objectives while creating actionable steps for profitable business development and growth
  • Want to learn how to best reach and keep ideal customers
  • Want to separate yourself from the competition
  • Want to discover the keys to building a sustainable, profitable business
  • Want to build confidence about marketing your business
  • Want to learn successful marketing strategies to build your online business
  • Want to experience the passion associated with success
  • Are ready to be a top-notch VIRTUAL ASSISTANT
  • Are self-motivated, resourceful, reliable, and a quick study
  • Are ready to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to propel your business into high gear!!!

“Sharon Williams is an expert marketer and knows the Virtual Assistant Industry well, having been actively involved since its inception in the mid-90s. She is exceptionally knowable when it comes to preparing press releases and has given me quite a few tips over the years. Marketing is definitely her niche and she does it well.”

Diana Ennen

President, Virtual Word Publishing


  • Are NOT ready to STEP UP and finally get SERIOUS about starting or growing their business
  • Are NOT ready to open your mind to innovative, non-traditional, proven solutions
  • Are STUCK and unwilling to unleash the chains that are keeping you stagnant or holding you back
  • Are UNWILLING to open your minds and examine yourself

No matter what stage your business is in – from startup to struggling to stay afloat to sidetrack to overwhelm with rapid growth – this training will make building your Virtual Assistant Business less of a mystery.

This intensive, thorough, 10 week program normally sells for $897, but it is available for only $697, if you register for the upcoming session beginning soon. And it’s payable in three installments! Space is extremely limited so Sharon can spend as much time as possible with each participant.

You’ll see other self-paced programs out there that sell for over $1,000. Sharon’s program is different. You have access to Sharon during the class, in individualized coaching sessions, during your unique practicum experience and weekly via email access. You’ll learn from one of the masters of the industry.

And as a special BONUS, registrants will receive a copy of VA Motivation – a series of interviews with 10 successful VAs. Learn how others have turned their administrative skills into profitable businesses that allow them to work at home and spend more time with family!

Remember, space is limited and this special ends in 24 hours. Register now to reserve your space and take advantage of the Limited Enrollment Rate of $697. After January 30 it goes back to $897.00.

  • 1/3 Registration – $232.00 Upon enrollment
  • 1/3 Registration – $232.00 – 4 weeks
  • Final Installment – $233.00 – 8 weeks
  • OR $697 single payment

Take advantage of this this special saving. So, reserve your space today! Sharon will help you make 2012 the year you do instead of think about, you succeed instead of fail, you thrive instead of survive!


The VA Business Launch Program is your opportunity to establish an Elite, Profitable and Successful Virtual Assistance Business, fuel your passion… and step into your greatness…

Special Announcement: If you are an executive assistant, stay-at-home mom, officer worker, disabled worker, virtual entrepreneur, semi-retired, administrative assistant, office worker…

Take Charge of Your Life, Control Your Future
& Launch a SUCCESSFUL, PROFITABLE Virtual Assistance Business

COURSE STARTS February 8, 2012.

Hi, I’m Sharon Williams, and I’ve been a virtual assistant since 1990, before the industry became finalized. My passion is marketing and branding, and helping aspiring and seasoned virtual assistants through masterminding, mentoring, training and networking.

In 1989, I was laid off from my “good government job” and determined that no one would ever decide if I were going to receive a paycheck again. I opened my business with no clients and limited funds.

So, whatever your goal, a small, profitable homebased business or Multi-VA industry powerhouse practice, it is achievable – you can step into your greatness, and I’m here to help!

During these 20 years as a virtual assistant and entrepreneur, I launched my personal practice, The 24 Hour Secretary (, as well as three VA member organizations, founded International Virtual Assistants Day and have written to industry-related Marketing Your VA Practice and Nuts and Bolts of Branding. I am very active in several VA groups, associations and forums and an outspoken advocate of the VA industry.

Get ready for Ten 60-90 minute sessions

Beginning Wednesday, February 8, 1012 and each Wednesday after

All classes run 7pm to 8pm Eastern.

All calls are recorded and will be made available within 24 hours.

Ready Launch your VA Business

and Step Into Your Greatness?

Ready to Take Charge of Your Life,
Control Your Future & Launch a
SUCCESSFUL, PROFITABLE Virtual Assistance Business

YES Sharon! I am ready to leave the launch pad and shoot into the stratosphere by stepping into my greatness and becoming a successful and profitable Virtual Assistant.

I understand that I will receive ten 60-90 minute LIVE classes + unannounced bonuses, given in a webinar format over the computer and phone. All at the special bonus rate of $697 instead of the regular $897 fee.

In addition, I will receive the downloadable VA Motivation Series, success stories of “been there/done that” in-the-trenches experienced VAs.

Join us for just $697.00
for all 10 Classes + VA Motivational Series
and other Unannounced Bonuses!

or 3 payments of only $232.00
(Your credit card will be automatically charged for the first payment when you purchase on our safe and secure payment system. The second payment will be automatically charged for 2 additional 4 week periods)

P.S. – If your answer is YES, fill out your Application NOW. If you have questions, please email my assistant at I’m excited to review your application…and for the opportunity to help you launch, kick start or rejuvenate your practice and make 2012 your BEST year ever!

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